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m laughlin:
if a person shoots ten differant bows of differant wght every day can he actually shoot instinctive? seems to me it would be difficult. can you guys do it? even if its just two. lets say one @52# and one at @70#.can your mind actually handle it? i'm just curious but everything i shoot is right at about the same # but i actually want to try something a little less but actually wonder if i would have problems. thanks for the input.

I'll venture to say, shooting a lighter one will improve your accuracy; when you go back to your regular weight/bow. I like to work on form with the lighter one.
Two or three shots with the heavier bow and you shoot high but then settle in and shoot tighter, I'll bet...

m laughlin:
instinctive might be a suggestion in spelling.

Terry Green:
If you practice enough, no reason you can't.

No different then picking up one of 7 different bass fishing rods of different lengths, actions, and lure weights.....or shooting multiple shot guns and loads at clays.

Just takes a lot more practice to master each bow's characteristics and trajectory.

DAS Kinetic:
For me there is always an adjustment period.  I'm sure it is a personal thing.  That's why I tend to have very few bows, like 1 or 2!


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