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The elusive subconscience release...???

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Double Creek:
Help me out here folks......

I've been working on the elusive subconscience release that I hear ALL the great shooters speaking of......  However, I find that when I just totally concentrate on the spot with no thought of when to release that I won't release....  I just keep holding and holding and holding and then I start shaking......  Where am I going wrong here?  And do you have any tips on how to train yourself for that subconscience release?  




I think the "subconscious release" is one of those things that is hard to relate and bit mis-described making it difficult to understand.

First its important to understand that we should have total control of our shot.  To be able to letdown at anytime, stopping the shot when things aren't right.  That means we need to have some consciousness of what is happening in the shot and control of our release.

What I feel most better archers mean by the "subconscious release" is that they are aware of holding the bow at fulldraw, but have their concentration directed at the intended target spot.  They   allow the release to happen    without breaking concentration on target  when everything is right.  

This means if they are going to letdown they break target concentration and direct their thoughts to a safe letdown.

Hope that makes sense?????     :confused:

Double Creek:
Thanks, that makes alot more sense......


I think an analogy for you that may be easier to understand would be the trigger pull on a firearm.

Take, for instance, a rifle.  After bringing the rifle to the proper position and the aiming process has begun, you reach a point at which the site picture is as good as it is going to get, for you, and you are satisfied with it.  That is when you begin to squeeze the trigger slowly until the gun fires, surprising you somewhat.  When squeezing the trigger slowly and smoothly, you know the gun is going to fire just not the instance when.

Now when you run your shot with your bow, coming to full draw you begin your aiming proces;  maintaining tension, holding what you've got but not moving.  After you've decided that you are satisfied with the site picture you begin increasing back tension but holding what you've got, not moving, totally immersed in the aiming process until the string is pulled from your fingers.

That's probably not the best explaination but hopefully will help.  There should not be any thought at all about the release.  When that string slips from your fingers it should surprise you.

You may have my subconscious release...I would like to get rid of mine.  FLHunter & Steertalker pretty much nailed it on the head.


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