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Hi. I'm a recent beginning female archer and prospective bow hunter and would much appreciate an experienced female archer either putting up a shooting form video or directing me to a link where I could have a good representation to study. I know the instructions from the teacher are the same to either a male or female student, but it would be helpful to me and my daughter to see an experienced women shooting properly. Thanks so much! I really enjoy this website!

Weird Donkey:
dont have any video or i cant exactly tell you what to do, but in my archery class we had 2 or 3 girls experiencing problems with their breast size and the bow string. but that was while shooting with an "olympic" style of form. the teacher suggested the use of a plastron or something similar. i dont know if this can be any help for you !

Thanks. That did come up during our first lesson and a similar fix was suggested, plus opening the stance a little more toward the target. Just hoping someone will point me toward a video.

try this link, click on  Park, sung-hyun.
hope this helps

Wow! Great quality video and amazing young woman. Thanks so much Trevor. Very helpful. One question: Her follow-through, with breaking the wrist of the bow that typical for the bow set-up she's using?


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