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when bare shafting, cant or no canting

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Now...why would the cant of the bow NOT affect the way you 'read' the groups?  

If paradox is the arrow righting it'self after leaving the bow and you cant the bow 20 degrees would you not then have to account for that in how you read the a weak group would be right and low (20degree) where the opposite would be left and high (20 degree).  SO it could interfere with reading knock point???

seems right to me but.....

Tree Ghost:
Thanks guys.  I must be getting a little lucky.  The other reason that I started doing this was that I couldn't find a field point that weighed 150 grains for my Max 4s.  As close as I could find was a 145 that a guy in Idaho was having made for himself.  I also can't find a brass washer that fits this small diameter shaft so that I can add a little weight.  I've done ok out to 20-25 yards, but at 30 things start to get wild.  Thanks agin, and if you know of anyone that makes a 150 grain field point for the small diameter shaft, let me know.

O.L. Adcock:
Mindbender, Lets say you are off a bit on your spine and they are weak grouping low right at 4 o'clock with the bow vertical. Cant the bow 20 degrees, they will now group at 5 o'clock. Paradox is NOT a left/right thing you can see, it's vibration/oscilation more like a guitar string being plucked. If you see wobbles, that's not paradox, that's the result of the timing of the paradox being off. This is more closely related to acoustics then another branch of physics. We are trying to adjust the timing of those oscilations so they are in-line where the arrow was pointed at the time of release. It's harmonics that arrow stiffness, length, and weight distribution effects.

Good tuning with the bow vertical they should group with and or overlap low right, cant the bow they still mix low right. The big thing is knowing a problem exists. If they group together a problem doesn't exist and canting the bow will make no difference.

I think some hold the bow vertical and for example their fletched arrows group to the left of a "spot", they cant the bow and they are online, they cant it more and they group right. That has nothing to do with tuning, what's happening is they aren't keeping the arrow under their eye. They are moving their rear sight around. The grouping left/right in the bare shaft planning method has nothing to do with where they group relative to a "spot", only how they group relative to each other when you are aiming at a spot. Poorly spined fletched field tips will fly close to where they are pointed, bare shafts or big broadheads will not. If fletched field tips group somewhere other then in line with the spot it cause we aren't pointing them there for what ever reason....O.L.


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