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when bare shafting, cant or no canting

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ok here is the problem...I hate to tune arrows like alot of people but I do but it's always a pain in the butt to do so because it seems like alot of us short draw guys cant get away with what the general concensus reccomends..Im shooting a 62#@27" shrew..I draw 26 1/2"  my arrows are cut to 27 1/2" ( I dont want to leave them longer than that..personally choice)  Im shooting Beman MFX woodies 400 spine, I have a 100 grain insert and using 175 grain head which Im hoping is the key combo I ok here is the dilemma..I cant the bow and shoot the bareshafts and it shows stiff and this goes on with either the 200 or 250 point I switched to but when I shoot straight up and down using either point weight combo..I end up with the bow shooting the arrows slightly weak and high nock like the way it should why is that?????  I heard that it doesnt matter but why do I keep seeing these I know I can go to a 500 spine but it will be way lighter than I want which is about 100 grains less and with the 400,s  Im almost 70grains more than I want and that I can deal with, so any help and idea's and if this helps Im a lefty and I shot yesterday in a controlled environment no wind or light changes and I shot these shafts bare and with feathers with the wraps that I use with the silencers I basically all set up and I took all shots @17 what is correct??????    ps. I used a TS-1 string I twisted up with rubber silencers and the nocks fit perfect..not to tight or loose...just right

mike g:
I would say, bare shaft the same way you normaly shoot your bow....

My personal experience with carbons has proven to me you can have 2 of these 3 choices with carbons...but rarely all three: the weight you want, the length you want, and the arrow brand you want. Personally, I'd let go of the desire to have 27 1/2" total length and make em fly right. I draw about 27-27 1/2" and I shoot arrows a little over 29" because that's what it took to get the weight/flight combo I wanted.

Also, there are certainly other arrow brands that will give you a heavier weight with 500 spine...or at least get you closer to the weight/length you want.

And I agree with mike, testing should be done with the bow setup exactly as you plan to use it: same quiver, string, silencers, wind checker, glove, etc. etc.

I agree with Mike G...bareshaft identical to how you are going to shoot ...gut

I cant when I shoot...makes sense to bareshaft that way  and JC yes I should get over the fact about longer shafts but it just irritates me to have so may extra inces over my shelf   :knothead:  and I dont mind cutting them to 28" BOP  perhaps I will do that  :bigsmyl:  ...the heaviest weight in a 500 spine I have found is the beman MFX woodies...I just ran the numbers and maybe I will give them a shot again..


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