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G. Fred Asbell..bending knees..Why?

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Just got through his video and he talks about bending at the knees. Does anyone do this ?  and if so why does it help?  I don't understand his point.  :help:

A lot of people really like him, but I always found it difficult to shoot in the exact manner he described. I felt awkward and off-balance. I do bend my knees, but it's more situational and my body doesn't lean forward at the waist like his does while doing so. His shooting form just doesn't feel right for me.

Scott Gray:
I find that bending at the knees steadies the lower body. Bend at the knees, slightly at the waist and it makes it easy to keep  my head down or closer to the arrow.


Terry Green:
That's the way HE shoots, its part of his shot. If it don't work for you, just leave it on the table. I bend only if I need to, i.e. limb clearance, hiding and such.

Just as with watching, listening, or learning from any shooter...some things may work for you, and other may not.  Gotta come up with what works for you.

Tried bending at the knees when I shot ,but it made me pass gas when I drew the bow!!!!!!!!


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