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Northern Zone Shoot


I posted this in the EVENTS listing also. Just trying to get a good turnout for this shoot.

Northern Zone Shoot

The Harris Farm on June 5th, 2004

Range opens at 10:00AM


At the Harris Farm

2889 Brockton Loop

Jefferson, GA


Directions: Take I-85 North from Atlanta to Exit 137.

Go right on Hwy 129 approximately 6 miles to Red Light Hwy 11/15.

Turn Left on Hwy 11/15 and go straight thru Jefferson.

Turn Right on Hwy 335 just as you cross cement bridge leaving town.

Go approximately 3 miles and turn Right on Brockton Loop.

Look for mailbox #2889 with Chain for Post approximately 3 miles.

There will be TBG signs posted from Hwy 335.


Contact: Jeff Harris (Northern Rep), 706-367-5062

joel smith:
thanks Frank, appreciate the help. your help made a difference at the state shoot, too

Boy, What a good shoot. It looked like a pretty good turnout. 30 3D targets spread out through what felt like 26 miles of woods. All kinds of target set ups including a couple that required you to be a gymnast or a mountain climber. Ending with the famous "Steel Deer". I heard quite a few resounding "clangs" echo through the woods.

Burgers,Hot Dogs and drinks were provided for lunch.
I saw many faces I recognized and met a few new ones.

thanks to TBG and The Harris's for a great Shoot!

Good Job TBG

Squirrel Bait:
Man, it was a great shoot! My hat is off to the Harris family for a great course. We had 78 shooters, winners were: Mens Longbow- Ed Lambert, Mens Recurve- D.T.Brakebill, Womens Longbow- Jeannine Marchesseau, Womens Recurve- Julia Cartibiano, Primitive- Randy Elam , Youth- Harrison Cheeley , Cubs - Colton Deaver .
 My congratulations to all. And for all that didn't make it , you missed a great time.Mike


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