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Hello fellas I just found this site,from info. I got off of stickbow. It seems pretty kool.
 I have heard of the TGB but Im not sure what your all about. How do I go about getting some information about your organization.

casey allen:

Check out our website. Come on and join - you won't be disappointed. I've been a member since 1994, and have made some great friends through TBG.

Ray Hammond:
if you are "into" longbows and recurves for hunting...then we have a lot to offer you.

Several hunts every year including Blackbeard, a Mountain hog and bear hunt, and others, as well as a banquet in July this year that features Dean Torges..the well known osage bowyer and author. At the banquet you can meet 2 to 300 other folks like you, bid on or buy raffle tickets for bows, arrows, other neat archery related well as get the chance to win an African Safari for two bowhunters with our big drawing.

the next day continue the fun with a 3d shoot just north of the banquet in Atlanta and get a chance to win more stuff we are giving away there, as well as spend time with more great folks.

Our application is on the website listed above by membership is only 20 bucks..

I'm a little shocked that more people didn't speak up to get you interested in the TBG. I've met alot of folks and MOST were real nice. There is this one guy in Baxley that you have to watch with both eyes but other than him it appears to be a good group. Guys that are dedicated hunters and guys who want you to enjoy the woods. Keith

joel smith:
thanks Casey, Ray and Keith. I didn't speak up because you guys made such a good case already---besides, it might do more harm than good for him to know I'm part of the org...


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