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Steve Branson:
I shoot a Hill Big Five, 58# @ 30" draw. I get alot of hand shock out of my bow. I have tried to adjust the brace height but it didn't seem to do much. Do Hill bows tend to have more shock? I haven't shot alot of different longbows to be able to compare mine to any others, so I don't really know how much is normal or what is excessive. Thanks!

Steve, take a serious look a Liberty bows by Mr. Allen Boise, His English bow , might just be what ya want...his bows are flawless, workmanship and finish work are second to none!...  :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:    :D

Steve Branson:
I dont really want to buy another new bow before I at least give my Hill a fair chance. I doubt that my bow is a bad bow, I think me being still a greenhorn to trad shooting and tuning has more to do with it.  :biglaugh:

Squirrel Bait:
Keep your bow arm bent, don't lock your elbow. Make sure your shooting a heavy enough arrow, say at least 9 gr. per lb. of bow weight. I shoot 58lb. at 28" and shoot 650 gr . arrow.

Steve Branson:
I called 3 Rivers and talked to a tech about my arrow selection. at 30" shooting 58# he suggested a 70-75 shaft. Not sure what the total arrow weight will be.


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