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I'm at the point of pulling what little hair I have out.  I'm shooting Beman ICS Hunter 400, 31 inch, vanes, with a 125 grain 3 blade Snuffer broadhead and an insert weight of 50 grains for a total arrow weight of around 500 grains.  They shoot great out of my Bob Lee 62 inch 51@28 lbs.  I draw 29.5 inches.  Unfortunately I've about decided I'm just overbowed with the Bob Lee.  When I try to shoot that same shaft out of a ChekMate Hunter II 60 inch, 47@28, my arrows fly high and left with sort of a barrel roll.  I'm right handed and using a Hoyt stick on rest on the bows in order to shoot vanes.  Any suggestions?


Well, you ussually can't shoot the same arrow out of differant poundage bows, or even differant bows period.  Also the vanes might not be clearing.  Maybe you need a heavier head and go to feathers.

go with a 145+ grain head and lose the vanes go to feathers.  I dont mean to disagree with carlr2s but you should be able to shoot the same arrow from that bow.  I shoot 1 arrow from 5 different bows, ranging from 40 -60 pounds...You Just need to tune the bow for the arrow, takes some time but it will work.

What I meant by differant arrow, I meant not only shaft but point weight and fletching.  We said exactly the same thing.

The shaft is way too stiff.  You will need a ridiculously heavy point to tune that shaft.


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