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question about setting brace height


I just got my hands on a Roy Hall Navajo II recurve 62" long. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the recommended brace height for this bow and, if you have one, how do you like it and what it shoots well. I'll be pulling around 54# at 27". I'm going to try a 29" Arrow Dynamic Traditional with a 150 grains upfront.
Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks,

I have a Navajo Caddo which is 62 long and pulling about 47#@26 3/4. I'm using ACE 160 grain broadheads and 28 inch 2013's. It's a quiet bow, relativly fast for it's draw weight, and light to carry. I like the grip on it as it feels slightly like a recurve grip, but with a longbow style. I like my brace at 6 3/4. It feels right at that setting.

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