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I am starting on a new project (and new section) for my personal (non-comercial) website. For those of you who have visited it you've noticed/viewed the special sections on Art, Covered Bridges, etc. This new section will be set up similarly and be called "Traditional Bows Drawn". Oh, I know there have been, and are, a lot of pics of you (all of you) on forums and in Avatars, from time to time, Drawing your bows and/or shooting them, and I have even pulled a few  but I would prefer mostly new ones. That's it - a picture of you (and you, and you, and, yes, even you over there in the corner) drawing your favorite (or other) bow, that I may place in this new section on my web site. I want other folks to share in what I consider the beauty of the Drawn Bow, and the diversity of the Archers who draw them. So, that means, of course, you may also send pictures of your children, spouses, parents, girl/boy friends - as long as they are in the act of drawing the bow. Remember, that is the subject, "Traditional Bows Drawn"(to include from selfbows to the newest DAS, etc. I will not separate or clasify them in any way). They do not have to be anything special - or they may be - as long as you would like them to be included in this pictorial. I have a few ideas but basically those are for the setting up of the section - not so much for the pictures. I already have some on my web site in the Gallery Pages - and I might even use some of them - but again I would prefer new ones. I don't mean you need to go out and take a new pic (unless you care to) but just one that you may not have posted before. I would like you to e-mail them to me (not monstorously big please, or tiny either). It will be nice if they are JPEG images, as they e-mail more swiftly, but if not I will convert them. Please do not post them here.  My e-mail is in my bio and/or it is I do know this, there will be one picture definitely included and perhaps even the very first one and that will not be a new one - it will be the picture of Manny, of Hawaii, pulling one of his Guava selfbows while squatting on a piece of tree stump, as it planted the seed for this project and is a beauty. Another may be one of me, backlit with the image of the tree behind my tower (now in my Galleries), as a lot of folks said they really liked it. The rest will be determined by what I receive from you, and what I can use. Thank you for reading this. Who knows, this project may just help keep me young      ;)     . Starting now, no deadline -     :knothead:   .

Sounds like a lot of fun, Bernie.  I emailed you a couple you might like, even if you can't use them.

I have my first respondees, Thanks, shawnee (great pics). Now let's watch it grow. I will let y'all know when I get the beginning of the New Section posted.

I already am getting responses (don't be the last on your block) and i am so enthused with it I have been busy working on it all eve and may have the beginnings up on my site very soon (like perhaps even tomorrow -       )

Well, believe it or not - the start is ready to go and look at and I will be adding more pics as I get them (I already have more coming in even as we speak   :D   ) Ah'm suh happy about the early response tuh this y'all.

Ok - I'm gonna put the URL to my extensive web site of stories and pics here (check it out and go often - there's lots to see). When you click on the link it will take you to my Index page (please Bookmark it or put it in your Favorites - trust me you'll want to return). When you get there look in the menu near the top of that page and you will see the title of "Traditional Bows Drawn" and a little "New" logo beside it, click on that to go to the special sections "Cover Page" (or index), After you read that intro, at the bottom of the page you will find the link to the gallery pages, starting with page one. Some great pics already up and I gotta go do some more now, "Bye"    :p


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