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Joe Jewett:
I will be hosting it this year on my property in Haypoint MN. The dates are Friday August 12th - Sunday the 14th. The property has a field on it where we will gather and enjoy the weekend. There is plenty of room for campers and tents. I will rent a porta-potty or 2. The Moose-Willow Sprtsmen Club Gun Range is 2 miles away if we desire some firearm shooting. There is the "Swimming Hole" in the Moose River 1 mile away for Jer & Eddie! My family is looking forward to hosting this. :shaka: More details to come.

Sounds good, hopefully gas isn't up to $10/gallon by then.   

Gavin Beagles/terriers:
I’ll see if there’s any open vacation slots. With how OT has been I donno that I’m gonna feel like working doubles for days off if I don’t have to. Hoping to make it up though

Joe Jewett:
Summer is marching on!!

The field area is mowed and the porta-potty is ordered. I still need to do a bit of chainsaw work on the trail system where the 3D targets will be set up.

My phone # is (218) eight two zero - 4056. Feel free to call with questions.

If we could start a list of those who plan on attending, that would be great.

I plan on making it.  Would you have a spot I can set up my tent where I can run a long extension cord to so I can plug in a CPAP machine at night.


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