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Ryan Sanpei:

Doug Campbell:
Been a few years since i visited but Moloka'i it is one of my favorite places in HI. I spent a week there hunting with my friend Walter Niki. I came away with many wonderful memories. It is very rural without a lot of touristy stuff to worry about. But if your better half is looking for some very nice quiet time in an island Paradise you can't beat it.

Back when I was there the goat hunting was great and I missed a dandy boar up in the mountains. Like Ryan stated elsewhere the Axis are the challenge, being the "ghosts" of the island. We even got out for some bow fishing in the ocean one day.

Ryan Sanpei:
Nice shot Doug!  Those enenue are mighty quick!!!
I know we didn't get anything that day, but do you have any pics from our "tsunami" bowhunting excursion?

Ryan Sanpei:




Ryan Sanpei:





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