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When my bow shoots I can hear the string come tight with silencers on the string

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When I shoot my bow I can hear the string pop tight. I do have beaver balls on the string for silencers. Any thoughts? :dunno:

More details, bow wt, draw length etc.
 Could be brace height issue, needing heavier arra's. Hard to say..

Bow weight is 48# draw is 27.5 inches arrow weight is 685 grains. Tuned to bullets wholes in paper. String sound is a twang. No vibration or hand shock. :scared:

Don't know what you mean by "string pop tight."  If you're shooting a recurve, and if it has a groove on the belly side of the limbs to center the string, the limb(s) may be twisted and what you hear is the string popping back into the groove at the end of the shot.  Maybe.  Total guess on my part.  Draw the bow and let it down slowly, watching where the string makes contact with the limb as it gets to brace.  If it's outside the slot and pops back in, the limb is twisted.

Perhaps its the Beaver silencers.Folks install them differently.If your wrapping them around the string barber pole style they may not be tight enough and fitting loose with some slack.Or maybe thier too fat in width and its hard to get them to wrap really tight before you insert them through the string.I am talking flemish twist string.The ones that were cut thin worked best for me for wrapping tightly and neatly

I had some that were too loose and they made noise and I adjusted them.

You might try some wool puffs or cat whiskers.Or just try and get the beaver on as tight as possible to the string if your doing it barber pole style.If those options dont work its something else


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