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crotch horn:
Who has tried them & love them or hate them? Have been thinking of getting 200grain single bevel with bleeders. Thanks

Bought some but this will be the first year. Talking with Cody Greenwood, he said he put an Iron Will Wide through a bear at 23 yards-ish with a 48lb recurve. He shared the video and you can see the arrow go through the black bear and hit the dirt. Short recovery on the bear also.
I originally wanted the single bevels but they were out of stock so I ordered the wides. Few days later, single bevels were back in! 🤦‍♂️
Anyways the wides are tiny compared to some heads out there. Here’s a pic. They are pretty sharp!

Bought some 150, 2-blade, double bevels. They look great, but I haven't used them yet.  I have QAD, 3-blades on my hunting arrows at the moment.

I took the Iron Will 250 Grain Single Bevel “Buff Edition” which means no bleeder option to Africa. They performed really well and had great penetration. Super sharp Broadheads that are structurally sound and hold an edge… They are only 1-1/16” wide main blades so the bleeders would help with additional cut… I wanted to take the 250 Grain Wides with Bleeders for the smaller game but I couldn’t find stock before the trip. I took VPA 250 Grain 3 Blade 1-1/4” cut for the smaller game and warthog… I now have the 250 Grain Wides to try for this Iowa Whitetail Season if I get the itch to dabble…

crotch horn:
Thanks & good luck. I live in upstate NY & will be hunting NY & Ohio this year.


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