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Glove vs Tab

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Well I’ve been shooting with a glove exclusively but tried a tab today. Just a simple home made tab cut from a piece of leather. I’ve tried tabs in the past but never gave them a fair try. So today I shot tab only. And I must say my release improved immediately. Arrows seem to have flown better then ever and my groups tightened up. Is this overall improvement normal when using a tab?

Sam McMichael:
It was with me.

For my experience a high quality tab will not groove like a glove will and therefore should be smoother as long as you don't pluck the string

Glenn Hickey Jr.:
Everyone likes different things… that being said… I have shot all the gloves out there and when I started shooting the simplest of tabs my groups improved.  I shoot lefty and three under and have used the same tab for a long time.  I was afraid I would not be able to get them so I bought 6 from 3rivers a few years ago.  The older I get the less complicated I want my life.

I have been a tab shooter for a long time. Every now and then I give the glove another shot just because it has been around so long and there are so many that have stuck with them as a sworn by piece of traditional archery kit that I feel like I must be missing something....but I have never gotten one that feels right to me.


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