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"Primitive" Arrow Shaft Question


A user suggested I post my question here.
Didn't really want to call it "primitive"....

I was going to ask a question on PaleoPlanet, but perhaps here/on PowWow or Knapper's Stump...
I'm wanting to make some Ocean Spray(Holodiscus discolor) arrows; the Kalapuya people, here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, used very small points, often misinterpreted/confused as "bird points".  They were wider than the shaft and that's all that mattered, 'cuz a piece of glass in the lungs makes for a bad day for a deer, or anything, for that matter.

Anyway, I was wondering if there were a need to scrape the shafts to parallel, or just leave the fat end forward, giving a good FOC/weight forward, for good flight, tapering the front only enough to make a nice transition to the arrowhead.

ItzaKen, tapered shafts seem to be more forgiving of spine problems, and what you describe is exactly how I make my cane arrows, just make a nice tapered transition from shaft to point. Bob



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