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Is it just me or does it seem as if the popular thinking these days is if you are experiencing shooting woes you need a clicker or trigger to solve it.
It's almost as if we forget that there are other contributing factors to our shooting issues than TP. I'm not denyinng TP exists but I also believe that depending on your TP trigger you can beat it without using a shooting aide.

I agree.  I'm very pragmatic, and am impressed more by results than by theories.  Because of that, I do believe that TP exists.  Many people have benefitted from the programs that have been developed by Joel Turner and others to treat target panic as a condition caused by the subconscious mind taking over the shot, which can only be treated by taking control away from the subconscious mind by using an external trigger.  However, an unusual number of people have not benefited from those programs, and I don't believe it was for lack of trying, in most cases. 

The most usual symptom of target panic is not being able to hold the arrow at full draw until the shooter is ready to shoot.  I think this symptom can occur for a variety of reasons other than the subconscious mind taking control of the shot.  I am a good example of that. My “subconscious” release was working fine (I put subconscious in quotes because I don't know if my release is subconscious or not; I just hold until the shot goes off).  External releases work fine too.  For me, switching to an external release was about as effective as trying to repair a broken clutch by working on the transmission.

In my case, what helped was treating the problem as a distraction, and finding out what that distraction was.  Distractions are treated by learning to increase concentration to eliminate them.  I discovered that my distraction was anticipation of the shot, an emotion.  Once I had identified what the distraction was, I could recognize it when it occurred, and eliminate it through concentration.  This oversimplifies how I solved the problem, but the point is that it worked, and it didn't involve switching to an external release.

I know for myself, my contributing factor to having TP was my form, I was never in a lock position at anchor. I was holding more with my arms and hands than my back. When I watched myself shoot I could see that I was collapsing on the release and not expanding. I changed to 3 under, new anchor point and a rotating draw, now I feel stronger when I am ready to commit to aiming and I am not rushing to shoot.

Part Time Archer:
I listened to a podcast , forgot who, but very big name Archer said he never reads ,watches anything on target panic because it would cause target panic.  :biglaugh:  it's like playing corn hole , practice and get better. I can imagine the big league corn hole players talking seriously about bag weight, follow through ,bag material and how that effects board drag, bag arm locked not locked, board angle, board length,board material, and that can cause target hole panic.  :biglaugh:

These are all good points, I have taken Joel Turner's online course as well as Jim Casto's regiment they both have helped and I thank them for that. None the less still struggle with target panic, one of the most helpful things I have heard was from I believe McDave simply saying if you want to beat it you will it seemed to somehow raise my confidence.

For me as mentioned by others I have to walk through my shooting steps and I use the rotational draw it is absolutely important for me to come to full draw in one motion, if I draw slowly while looking at the target my arrow will be loosed before anchor and sometimes feels like I hit a brick wall and can draw no further.

I also have to remind myself to have fun that I am shooting because I enjoy it.




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