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youth arrows


Hot Hap:
I have 3 dz. Arrows to give away. They are about 25" long.
Some are mix and match. Some are matched. Made from supercedars by Don ??????? in Mississippi.
Will draw names on Sep. 1st

Good luck


Please include my 3 Youth and I know a few others that can use them . Thank you for the chance.

Hot Hap:
I am ending this a day early due to a lack of interest.
Keefer gets all three.
Send me your address and I will get them in the mail.

    Thank you so much and I am sorry no one else played along but I can tell ya our 3 daughters will enjoy themselves flinging them.
   I appreciate your generosity Glenn.
  I’ll send you a pm with my address and ah
Again Thank you. :archer:

  Thank you so very much Glynn.
You made these two very happy today and we appreciate All the arrows and your kindness to send them to our daughters . Here’s Kaci shooting a RK Korte youth recurve and Darci our youngest born with no thumbs ,a rod in her right arm and both hands were  turned inward at about a 90 degree angle . She has also had a devise installed to close off a big hole in her heart.She has to wear a monitor for two weeks and have it sent to a Dr. to look at .
  She loves to shoot her longbow gifted from a giveaway here by TGMM gang.
  God Bless you and all who use your talents to make these items and your gifts to the TGMM.
You play an important roll to the youth of today,tomorrow and the future of Traditional archery. :clapper:
  Again thank you Glynn and God Bless ya sir.


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