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J. Holden:
I came across this harness that my son used to use.  I'd still put it on him, it's never been harmed.  I've washed it by hand before every season with scent free soap.  I also have the rope that goes around the tree that you clip into.  We hunt from saddles now and no longer have a need for this.  If you have a son or daughter that could use a harness, or a niece/nephew, grandson granddaughter, let me know.  I'll cover the shipping in the lower 48.  Thank you for passing on the message of safety to the up and comers.

-Jeremy :coffee:

Jim Brennen:
I have 10 year old grandson that could use this if its still available.

J. Holden:
This harness may be spoken for, I'll update as soon as I have confirmation.

Thank you!

-Jeremy :coffee:


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