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16 years and younger, I have three or four pairs ... drawing a week from today so get those kids entered

Best to ya, Ken

mj seratt:
I have two Granddaughters I am outfitting.  They started shooting 3D, and both told me they want to go hunting with me.  Thanks for the chance.


 In for my nephew Ben Mason. Thanks so much for the opportunity !

Hot Hap:
My 15 year old grandson could put them to good use.

I have three grandkids who would love to be entered into the drawing.

Dinah- 7 years old

Clara- 5

Abe- 3

When they are at our house, sibling rivalry rears its head when they get out a pair of cheap plastic binos that has been broken for two years!  Every time there is something interesting out here in the country, they beg to look through my Swarovskis (nervous time!).  I think any of them would be thrilled to have something that actually theirs, and worked...

Thanks for all you guys to to keep kids excited about the outdoors.



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