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Accessing Trad Gang with a Mobile Device?


Rob DiStefano:
If you have a smartphone or tablet and want a better viewing and interactive experience with Trad Gang, consider changing your Trad Gang Theme.

Theme?  What the heck is that??

It's easy, just click on menu item "Profile", then click on "Look and Layout", then at the top line that says "Current Theme:" at the end of that line is a link to click on "(change)" - that will open a new page and at the bottom of that page is a new Theme that's titled "Ant's Responsive Curve RC3.14159" and below it click on "[Use this theme]".  That's it.

Click on the link below to kick off a video screen capture that shows how to change to the Ant Theme ...

when i began testing ant's theme, first thing i did was get a free image app loaded on my android.  the one i'm using is "Photo & Picture Resizer". 

having an image resizer is MOST important.  this one is very easy to use, allows viewing all yer phone's stored images, you can select one image or a batch of images to resize. 

most images taken with any digital device - cellphone or camera - are incredibly large on purpose, so that they may render maximum detail for creating hard copies ... the hard copies that 99.9% of us don't care about, want, or use.  these digital devices create images that are mega pixel in width, some as large as 8000 pixels wide.  my phone does about 5000 pixels in width.  i resize ALL images to a sane 1000 pixels wide at the most, most i'll do at 600 pixels wide.  this also frees up a ton of space in my phone's memory bank.

now that i've got properly sized images that will not fail to load due to the browser timing out on too large an image, i'm set to post it. 

with my android, i begin by adding the new topic or post text, then click the "Show attachments and options" arrow, click on "Browse" which opens up image choice sources on my phone, i select "Files" and i'm taken to my image gallery, i make the image selection to post, and then hit the forum "Post" button and it's a done deal.


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