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The "Wall" came to my town


With the support and effort of a local church and many volunteers.

First time I've seen it.  It was sobering and brought back memories.  I was looking for one specific name and found it with the help of a volunteer.

There were many veterans on the site despite the fact that it was raining off and on.  Most accompanied by friends and family.

Jon Stewart:
I have been to one traveling wall and the wall in DC. Very emotional.

I have been to the moving wall twice, last time it was in a town about  half hour away from my house, took me 4 hrs to get there, 50 yrs and  my emotions are still running pretty high.
  Some gave all, All gave some. Rest in peace Bill J.

Over the years I have been to see the traveling wall and the wall in DC a number of times. Usually in the company of fellow Marines from my unit. I will be there in DC on Nov 10th and 11th for a reunion. Then next year as well. Each visit has become more important for me, we an’it youngsters any more, friends are leaving this world to join our brothers on the wall.

It was in out town a couple years ago.
Yes; very sobering.


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