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Do anything special on Veterans Day?


Just wondering what if anything you might do on Veterans Day?

My wife and I usually go out to dinner at Applebee's.  They are strong supporters of Vets and also support the fund raisers done by youth sports teams and scout groups.

Dinner is free for veterans on the 11th.

Jon Stewart:
Watch the Detroit Lions and if they win, THAT WOULD BE SPECIAL,  lol   I used to do the free meal thing. If the meal was $10.00 I left the waitress a $10.00 tip. They owe me nothing and they are always very kind and thankful.   USMC  67 to 69

Yeah I leave a fat tip also. 

Today the kids at my granddaughters elementary school Are doing a little veteran appreciation program. It's a good opportunity for kids to connect with the history of their country and the obligation we all have to protect it.

Jon Stewart:
Day wasn't so special, Lions Lost , lol :deadhorse:

Took my wife to breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot around the corner from the house and being a Marine Corps veteran and I always wear my favorite Marine hat, the waitress told me my meal was free. So I tipped her the amount that my breakfast cost and went home to shoot my favorite Black Widow PMA III.


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