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Hello to all WA trad shooters


 :wavey: :wavey: Not much action on the Washington forum  :dunno: :dunno: everyone but me must be on Facebook ....

heading to Wy to hunt antelope in Sept, been years since I've done that hunt

best to ya, Ken

Broken Arrows:
Hi Ken,
I stop by here to check for new post but like you said not much on here. Antelope in Sept. sound like fun. Deer and Elk for me in Sept. only a month away.
Good luck on the Antelope.


Hi guys, 
just back from the Rendezvous at Cle Elum. Good time, great shoot.   
Not a big turnout at this shoot, but the food vendor was great and we had a lot of shooting, for sure!  Got a respite from the heat for the weekend, and now it's 100 degrees again!


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