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I just had a pleasant "benefits " experience I want to pass along. I live in AZ. A 100% disabled vet can get a combo hunting and fishing license free. If your rating is permanent it is a one time thing. If you are to be reviewed then it is good for a year. What was cool was Az. Game and Fish website gave the necessary instructions on how to obtain the letter from VA you need. No trip to VA for signatures. I took the printout to the G&F office and got my license. I still have to pay for any tags or stamps. It was worth looking into.
I know other states have programs like this for Vets so you might want to check it out

I don't have enough disability to get any break on the licenses other than being old. My total licenses for everything in Texas is $32/yr. I can afford that.
I did get a pleasant surprise the other day from the VA. I don't have to get Part D coverage for medicare, and maybe won't need the supplemental coverage. That saves a lot.

Danny Rowan:
The last I checked, Texas vets hunting lic is free if you have an ID, ie active or retired.

I dropped the Medicare part D as well. I have all my meds from them. I only take a couple anyway. Worst case would be a $10 copayment if VA got nasty about the meds being service connected or not.
Things have changed from when I goy into the system back in early 2000's. It seems now if you have other than gov coverage i.e. Blue Cross, Blue Sheild they have been known to turn Vets away. But if you are on Medicare and over 65 having a supplement insurance is OK. You pretty much have to keep on top of things all the time these days.

Thanks Danny. I checked on that and they are free if you are on active duty or if you getting 50% or better service connected disability from the VA.
I will gladly pay the $32 rather than meet those other qualifiers...


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