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Any Canadian vets here...?


Al Kidner:
G'day guys,

 Well after spending time both in Iraq, Afghan myself I was wondering if there are any trad guys that are vets from Canada at all?

I was in Canada last year and plan to head back come 2016 of the bank balance looks ok. Loved my time in Canada and I know some of the infantry units copped a hammering down south also...

Cheers guys,


Fat Daddy:

Just got back to Canada from some time overseas.

Where in Canada are you planning to head to?  I am in the middle of moving back to Alberta for another couple of years in the northern prairies.

I spent lots of time serving with guys from Australia while I was overseas.  I think that they might even have convinced me to come down to your neck of the woods sometime in the future.



hiya Al, not a canadian vet- but an ex safa- now living in Canada- believe we have a good mutual friend- tracy neal- calgary chef!!


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