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Here's an interesting website I happened across.

It is good that we have such a place. There are things that can be said, or unsaid, that would not be understood by others.
 Waking up alive is a good sign.  .
In 2013 we had a first reunion of the guys in my company in over 40+ years, only about 15 then but we have found more since. It is good.

S.C. Hunter:
Thank you everyone for your service. Sometimes just reading other peoples stories is a comfort. We all have sacrificed and go quietly about our lives. I know now more than ever, I appreciate every day I have with my family and friends. You are all family, brothers in arms. Miss my brothers who are long departed so much. Thanks Terry!

Little late getting here, just the opposite of the military's 'hurry up and wait'.  Thought I had it all planned out after high school.  I was going to join the Army Security Agency(4years) and go to Crypto repair school.  Get out, finish college and get a job at the pentagon.  Trouble is the ASA had different plans for me and never saw the school I wanted(no guarantees back in '66.  Sent me to signal supply school and ended up in Turkey taking care of the 'in country boys and their needs.  Developed a trick shoulder playing flag football too often and was operated on stateside the month before discharge.  Extended for a year and ended up giving Uncle Sam 5 years.  I really thought it was a waste of 5 years and started out being a civilian again behind the times.  Now I know better; went to Penn State on the GI bill while raising 3 children.  Got a degree in '78 and wouldn't say anything bad about 'yesterday's military at all. Retired from the USPS; I'm a Life Member of Disabled Veterans and volunteer my services when I can.
Glad to be with you guys.

Well, here goes...

I flunked out of High School in 1978. After 4 years there, I was still in 9th grade math & 9th grade English. Got called into the office one day,right before Graduation... Principle tells me, "You know there's no way in hell,you're going to ever graduate... Do us all a favor & don't bother coming back next year." I went up to the recruiter's office & the man says "You can have a uniform just like this!!!" Well, I tell him I haven't graduated... "No problem Son!!! What you have is what we here in the Marine Corp. call, The High School Equivalent!!!" (Meaning basicly, my body was physicaly in school for 12 years,LMAO!!!) I headed for Paris Island 4 days later, June 28th 1978.

Boot Camp was Ok, On the Rifle Range I kept playing with my sights on my M-16. The PMI went BONKERS!!!!! I'd hunted woodchucks all my life & long range shooting was old hat!!! On Qualification day, I made 10 head shots, at the 500yd line. Impressed the snot out of the Bn. Commander. Probly even gave him a chubby! LOL  The day before Graduation, I was given 2 sets of orders... The 1st was to Advanced Infantry School at Camp LeJeune NC, The 2nd was to the Marine Scout Sniper School at Quantico,Va.

After graduating Sniper School, I went back to Camp LeJeune,await transfer to the 1st RECON Scout Sniper Platoon, at Camp Pendalton,Ca... I was in a holding Company for about a week, waiting for my orders. Every motning, we all went to the Gym, to see if our orders came through. If they didn't call your name, you had Base Liberty untill the following morning. One morning, the C.O. of the 2nd RECON Bn. came in looking for volunteers. The wheels started turning...I had managed to dodge Okinowa, by going to Sniper School... I was going to Camp Pendelton Ca. If I raised my hand... I'd be stationed in N.C. & MAYBE, be able to get home for deer season...???

The rest My Brothers & Sisters... Is History!!!!!


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