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New Convert


D.J. Carr:
I just started converting to traditional archery after 22 years of compound bow hunting.

Shooting a Bear Grizzly 58" 45#@28.

Wondering any of you experieced guys live around Elmira, Ithaca, Owego.... area?

Would love to shoot with some one and get some advice, and learn.


How close are you to the OXTAR shoot? I hope you made it to ETAR, not too far from Elmira.

OXTAR is a great shoot. There is a post in Trad Events with all the info. I went last year for the first time. Looking forward to this years. Hope to meet you guys there.

D.J. Carr:
I went to Denton, planned to go to OXTAR but not sure if I'm gonna make it.

I was hoping to camp at OXTAR but it might turn into a day trip for me.


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