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I mentioned an organization like this in the past and there seemed to be good interest. Seems like so many states have such an org and get a lot out of it.

         Hate for this to be a tease cause I cant promise anything big but if any of you are willing to snail mail me a printed version of a hunting story you have experienced with a pic go ahead and Ill see what I can do, doesnt have to be a kill just a good story. Fiction even.    ;)    PM me for address.

        Im thinking small and casual at this time (No TBOT, even though I wish). No set timeline for anything to happen but I would at least like to put together a small sample newsletter. Ill also be at Denton Hill if anyone would like to chat some more.

         Thanks, Izzy     :campfire:

I think this is a great idea!   :clapper:  
I am just starting out in Traditional bowhunting and don't have any stories yet....
But, I would be willing to help in any way if you need it.
I hope this woks out    :pray:

Great Idea!    :thumbsup:

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Sean B:
Sounds good bud! PM sent


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