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heres my highlight thread for the year.  now, anyone who knows me knows that elk are basically my life.
I didn't harvest an elk this year for a bunch of different reasons as I put in my story in powwow a while back.  but, these are still the highlights of my season.  
next year I wont pass up a pope and young five point. not happening.

also, this is my 1000th post on here I believe, might as well hit the grand mark with what I feel is the grandest animal of em all.  enjoy...




and a little proof I could have brought the big rack home.  heres to next year guys!!


Nice Pics Bobber. That is some pretty country you have up there. Good luck next year.  ;)

joe ashton:
8 months,  2 weeks 3 days and a wake up call!

I am hoping to kill an elk before I die! I have been on 3 elk hunts and no shot taken as of yet. They were 3 of the funnest hunts I have ever been on too! You are correct when you talk about how grand they are!

Looks like you had some great times, even though you did not fget your elk this year.


Dang elk! They drive me crazy, but I love 'em. Nothing better than September in the high country, hearing cow chirps and bugles.


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