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Late season doe

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Michael Arnette:

Cold weather hunting is always better when it ends well. It was cold! This doe came in with another doe at about 5:00PM and I got a 10 yard shot. I made a perfect shot through some brush but thought I had hit low and waited to track it. This was a mistake as coyotes found her before I did. We started tracking just a few minutes after dark so they must have found her right away.
The area we hunt has coyotes everywhere! Anyway, she ran about 150 yards and I was glad for the snow because there was very little blood. The coyotes got the right shoulder and right thigh but we still got some 2/3 of the meat. I am glad I didn't wait much longer or she would have been gone!

Having a good friend and my little sister along for the tracking job made for a wonderful moment.
Zwickey 2 blade eskimo, Bear 1963 Kodiak Mag 55#@28 and GT arrows.

Way to go! I had a similar incident with coyotes a couple seasons ago. They got to mine in under an hour and a half!



grestjob!!! think we need a tradgang week of nothing but killing them damn yotes!!!

Nice Doe!! dang yotes,had the same thing happen several years ago.Good you got to her when you did.   :clapper:

Congrats sir....



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