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Last night I took my first "one point" LOL!!
 This deer is a serious trophy to me all joking aside. Out of the 31 deer I have taken with a trad bow, only 2 were harvested while hunting on the ground, without a blind. It is my 4th deer harvested during gun season with a bow.
  He came in at a mere 20ft away. I was squatted at the base of a huge oak tree, and one horn walked in from behind. I was able to stand up and lean around the tree, sending my arrow right where I was looking and feathers deep.
 That ground hunting business without a blind is

awesome great job

Congrats on the unicorn!


Nice shooting!! From the ground, what a thrill. Harvesting deer in gun season with the bow,I love it!! Way to go!  Congrats!

He has a big head, was he an older deer?  

Congrats, Nothing like playing the game on their terms at eye level.


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