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Oklahoma Buck Double

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Michael Arnette:
My biggest buck ever! The 7 point was actually heavier than the 10 point! The 10 point at 174lbs and the 7 point at 179lbs. I used a Talltines 69# at 28", GT 75/95 Shafts, 220 gr Muzzy Phantoms...Story below

This year has been a great year. I have seen more buck sign than any other year and Oklahoma's deer management system is doing good work to provide a very healthy deer herd! This years rifle season ran a little late due to the calender which gave me a few more precious days to hunt without the guns.
I have been really busy with work this year so it made it feel all that much sweeter when I climbed up into my stand on the morning of November 18th. Everything was perfect and I felt that tingle! You know what I mean.
Anyway, my morning started out watching a scrape I had doctored up just upwind of my stand. This is the first year I have ever found a scrape line on our farm in 8 years of hunting and is testimony to the outstanding work of our states management, I hope things continue to get better and better.

At about 7:00 I heard my first stir and a yearling forkhorn chased a doe passed my stand within good range. 7:30 or so I saw another buck cruising well out of range and in the brush. At 8:15 I heard trotting hooves and a 7 pointer chased a doe passed my stand, I made a 22 yard shot and hit him a little far back so I waited a few minutes before tracking. I was about ready to go down to track my buck at about 9:30 when a huge buck came in right along the scrape route, the only problem was that he came in on my downwind side.  He was angling towards me and I knew he was going to hit my scent so a took an 18-20 yard shot before he made it but missed over his back! My arrow hit a sapling before it reached him and he startled about 20 yards to my upwind side. I had a split second and used it to slip an arrow in through some cover hitting him a bit low at about 35 yards. I watched him run for about a hundred yards before I lost sight.

Two intense/white knuckle tracking jobs later I had two bucks on the ground and a very long drag! Both had run over 200 yards before going down and left very poor blood trails. This was my first double kill ever. Although I kinda wish I would have let the smaller buck walk after shooting the big guy.

Wow! Great morning in the woods!

Congrats on the double!


awesome for sure doubles are hard to beat!!congrats

It doesn't get much better than that! Congrats

Great shooting and a great hunt, Congrats.....



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