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Anyone outside practicing yet???

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Is anyone outside practicing yet?  It has been a bit too wet for me, but the last couple days of nice weather have given me the itch to get out and about.

I hope to take this out and practice with it enough to hunt with it in the fall (50x# Super Grizzly).  I have another Super Grizzly in 45x# (only 212 numbers from this one) that I am going rig up with a Bear reel, and try bowfishing for carp this year.



A bunch of us shoot every Wednesday night at Broken Arrow in Milwaukie. We do the virtual hunt known as the DART Target System.

It is a blast. 3D season is kicking off as well.

Ron, the first stretch of decent weather I'm heading to the hills for some stumpshooting and cougar calling! I figure with the fawn drop those cats will be alert to a Spring vension meal...but maybe one will get a BIG surprise...haha

That sounds like a good idea.  I have a "fawn in distress" call that might be interesting to use.  I still don't know if I like the idea of a cougar sneaking up on me though.....

I know a place where there was tons of cougar scat last year, full of elk bone fragments :-(.


Oregon Okie:
I want to do the virtual hunt like BlacktailBwhtr is talking about. Looks like fun.


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