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Turkey Season

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Jesse Minish:
Any of you guys heading out to chase turkeys? Hope I can get my Dad and or Brother to come with me. Cant wait for the 15th. of April!

Dale Sharp:
I got an invite from a couple of great guys that I've deer and elk hunted with in the past, and I intend to take them up on the offer.
In my teens I shotgunned a couple gobblers back in South Dakota but that was over thirty years ago. It'll be the first time I've entered the bow woods in pursuit of a Tom and I am really looking forward to it.

Jesse Minish:
Hope you can stick one Dale. I have only shot a couple with my bow in Idaho and hope to stick one in Washington this year. Are we the only ones in here? Any way I hope you have good luck on your first tom hunt with stick and string.

Dale Sharp:
I intend to, Jesse, thanks. Do you try and utilize natural cover or do you carry a pop-up blind with you?

Jesse Minish:
Dale, I use natural cover when I am calling them in or I spot and stalk them. I have been wanting to give pop-up blinds a try.


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