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Terry Green:

I got your email....and replied...but it was returned as un-delivered.

Have fun guys!

Dale Sharp:

Hmmm. Maybe the protection level on my rock is set too high. Did you catch the underscore, as in dl_sharp@ ?

Thanks to Trad Gang member Roger Gregersen for calling this service to my attention. I'll see if I can't get the word out that it's here for us.

Take care,

Dale got your email, this will be a good place for members to post upcoming events and stay in touch.
Any turkey hunters looking for something to do the Lake Washington Chapter of the NWTF [National Wild Turkey Federation] is having a banquet on March 11 at the Embassy Suites Hotel 3225 158 Ave. se Bellevue Wa. 98008. Starts at 3 PM dinner at 5PM  Dinner without membership is $40.Come on out and have a good time..........stabow

Dale Sharp:
Yes, Boyd, this could come in pretty handy.

I won't be able to make the NWTF gig on Saturday; I have a date with a spaniel and some rabbits (actually... the rabbits might stand me up, but the dog is dependable).

If not sooner, I hope to see you in April at the Rock Shoot.


Kevin Bahr:
Howdy, Dale.


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