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I had a great time again this year.  really enjoyed shooting all the ranges.  thanks for the camp fire saturday night.  

String Tracker

It was great to see all the club members at the shoot. Had a great campfire, and good food as always. The idea was to go to the shoot and have a good time and not be concerned about working, and this seemed to work out well everyone seemed to have agood time. Of course alot of guys had to go home and explain why the really needed all the new things they bought from the vendors. Overall, had a great turnout from club members and a good time qwith old friends and made some new ones as well. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves, and it was good seeing everyone.


This may have been the best gathering so far.  It was nice to shoot so much and the weather was perfect for camping and hiking about the courses.  The time with friends was the best part.
Back at work now and really missing some of those people already.

Sure was great to see old friends I don't see too much of throughout the year. I really enjoyed camping amongst all the TBM crowd. I just wanna know who invited that chain saw salesman to sleep in Schelhouse's tent.


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