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Tuchahoe shoot

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For all you interested, the next shoot at Tuckahoe will be Sat. June 3rd. As usual the shoot will start at 10am, so please come a little early for warm up and registration. Most of the range is in the woods so it will be nice and cool. Hope to see you, all shooters welcome.

String Tracker:
Sam, sorry I wont be able to attend.  work has me contracted out to another company right now and hard to find replacement for my equipment

Not looking god for me either  Mr. OT is calling me.

Brian, How hard is it to find a replacement to run a string trimmer and a round point shovel?Just tell everyone the honest truth man ( The wife wants you to mow the yard and dig and plant flowers).Man that's just down right pitiful.We will miss you but if it makes you feel better you can still send coffee & donuts and we will fling several arrows in the brush for you.Take care and don't work too hard .God bless! Keefers

String Tracker:
LOL  I dont work too hard.... I drive 9520 John Deere tractor with scraper pan all day. really hard job... air ride seat, A/C, radio, electronic shift.


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