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My wife and I are planning to go up Thursday around noon. We're looking forward to a few days of relaxation and fellowshipwith friends we see far too little. Post here who's coming, we'll look for you. Rain or shine a great time is at hand!

Jeff and I are leaving about noon on thursday. Bill hassenmeyer called last night he will be going up in the morning leaving about 8 on thursday. Bill nash is going up Wednesday and set some things up. So I quess we'll just look for Bill when we get there.


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im planning on heading over directly from work.  leaveing DE about 3:30-4 pm Friday.  suppose to be hour and half drive so can be there in time to set upfor dinner

Be there all day Saturday! Looking forward to a great time!

Stan...were do we go to get the Tshirts that we signed up for at the meeting? Were is your camp gonna be?

I'm going up on Friday morning, Thursday evening if I can sneak out...hee hee hee.


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