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Ah, man, I just got some bad news

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My wife just told me that my friend's wedding (the one I went to the bachelor party for last weekend) is May 20th.  This sucks.  I am going to have to miss the BBTC for the third straight year due to a conflict that I really don't want to attend.  This just sucks - I was really looking forward to it.

Oh, well, there is always Denton Hill to look forward to.



You could always get sick on Friday and come to the shoot to make you feel better. Then go home Saturday morning and get ready for the wedding. Just a thought.


Stan makes a good point. Come and hang out on Frdiay, go home after the campfires die down, and then go to the weddign Saturday morning. You could even come by on Sunday for the church service and then shoot some more. It doesn't all happen on Saturday.

Those are good points made by both of you.  A well-timed illness could do the trick.  Maybe an acute case of the Toxiphilius Fever will have to set in on Thursday night.  I'll see what I can do.


Know how you feel Ted. I am scheduled to work that weekend and calling in sick really isn't an option for me. If I can't get someone to switch weekends I'll be missing it too.


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