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Baltimore Shoot


Just a reminder. A group of TBMer's are getting together and camping at the Baltimore shoot May 19,20 & 21. We will probably set up our camp on the hill to the left from entrance. Come camp with us and share a campfire, good food and good coversation.( There will be no lies told around this campfire, Im sure of it.) Jeff has put together a TBM tee shirt for this event as a fund raiser for the club. If you would like to preorder one get in touch with Jeff Trice. This item will be available to those who order in advance only. Real nice design, cost probably $15.00. Give him a call to order. Look forward to seeing all of you at the event. We will also have a booth set up so if any of you can give a few hours, stop by and take a turn at spreading the word of our organization to others.

Thanks Stan.  

I will definitely be ordering a shirt or two.

Don't worry about me lying at the campfire.  By the way, did I tell you about the albino 10 point antlered doe that scored 160 that I shot with an atl atl last season?

I can't wait for the shoot.  I will likely be hunting hogs with Tom and Diane Kinney in South Carolina the week leading up to the shoot, so I should have some fresh hunting stories to tell . . . and if things go as I hope, maybe even some fresh bacon to bring to the campfire.


Can you ask Jeff if he got my email request for the t-shirt?  I ordered one for me and Paul Smith. (Unfortunately, Mike is not coming this year.)

Just found out I will have the weekend of so I am planning on being there Fri-Sun. See ya all there.


Jeff told me he has your order. And we will be sending one back to Mike with Paul. See you there!



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