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Thanks TBM

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On behalf of Tuckahoe Bowmen I want to thank TBM for supporting our club, and all the members who attended the meeting/shoot today in spite of the dismal weather.  We had a great time hosting the event.

No Sir, thank you!

I will try and make a few of your shoots this summer and am planning on camping over in the park as well.

I had a great time entertaining you and Billy when I was about to take a mud bath.It was also great news to hear about Rodger Layton and what Bill Wyland announced.Prayers were answered in more then one way.God Bless and have a great Lords day tomorrow.Keefers

I ditto what Otis says above,the weather man "sorta" spared us. It was great seeing old freinds and making new ones.

Bob Palmer:
Thanks Tuckahoe...had a great time in the morning! Sorry I missed out on the afternoon session!

Hey Yohon, you have Burgess's email address? I need to pick his brain about Wapiti Bows, carbon arrows and ghillie suits!! Oh...and you shot really well in the am! Looks like the system is working out well!!!


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