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Meeting at Tuckahoe Bowman

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Sounds good, I have missed a few games this year due to my work schedule so I dont want to miss this one. I will plan on being there in time for the meeting and do a little shooting afterwards.

Ted, sorry you cant be there but a night of debauchery does us some good once in a while, give Amy some bail money to hold and have fun!

Hey, can anyone give me directions to Tuckahoe State Park? I live in Howard county and would like to try and make it to this shoot. Thanks RP

Cross the bay bridge headed towards Ocean city. Go to Wye Mills 1 light past college to Rt 404. Go about 5 or 6 miles to Hillsboro Turn left at rt 480 to Ridgely. about 1/4 mile you turn left onto Eveland rd. go straight for another 5miles or so to a deadend. turn left go over bridge follow road to the right go about 1/2 mile range is on left.

I hope I can make it.  I am also hoping to bring at least one son. (2 if my wife has anything to say about it.)

Thanks Tim - If I get in trouble, I'll give you a call first . . . the number is 9-1-1 right.  If I ask for Superkodiak38 will they put me through?

Have fun guys!!!  I look forward to hearing all about it.



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