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Meeting at Tuckahoe Bowman

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String Tracker:
Nice meeting you guys today.

It was fun, wet, but fun. Sorry I did'tget to talk to you some Brian. I did get in a round with Yohon and won a great Knife as a door prize. I will try to get a picture on here tomorrow. Since it only an hour and 20 or so from home I might wander over that way more often.

Glad you made it Tim, a pleasure finally meeting you. Good time shooting with you and John guys handle those longbows VERY well. I gotta get up with John about them hogs........   :thumbsup:

Oh yeah....Stan...thanks very much for the pointers  :notworthy:

Alright guys I'm gonna open a new topic for the Greenridge Hunt sign up. If you'll be joining us thus year please sign up on the "TBM Greenridge Hunt" thread.


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