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What are you doing this weekend?

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I'm looking to have a pretty good archery weekend this weekend.  I have to go on an extended business trip to Tucson AZ withou my bow that will eat up the next two weekends and the following weekend I will be out of town for a bachelor party (poor me).  Therefore, I'm looking to cram in three weekends worth of shooting, building, and other archery projects into this weekend.

What are you guys doing?

There are two good shoots on Sunday - one at Pipe Creek in New Windsor another in Poolesville.  I know Hatrick is heading to Pipe Creek - anyone else heading to either of these?  I wish I could shoot at two places at once.

I hope to spend Saturday working on some bows and some more arrows and maybe a little shed hunting/stump shooting/scouting.

Wayne - where are you shooting?

SuperK - got any plans?

Dave - are Bruce, Bill, and company heading to Pipe Creek with you?  I just finished up some heavier spined arrows and wouldn't mind taking my old Asbell Bighorn on a walk if you are breaking out your take down recurve.

Dad - Drive on down and see Rosalie and Cassidy and do some shooting.  We could work on those bows I promised you and Diane.


Have a great time.  i will be with the boy scouts and won't be doing shooting anyhwere other than in my back yard for awhile.

Supa K here.....I go back to work Saturday. I have been off work this week M-F and been doing things around the house, putting it on the market first of May, so the only time I got to touch my bows was to move them around   :banghead:  

Lets get together when you get back and finish working on that Ferguson bow and sling a safe and have a good trip.....

Cool Tim!!!  You decided to go for that lot, huh?!?!?!  Awesome.

The new tips on the Furgeson are looking good.  I rough shaped them a couple days later and I think they will work.  The osage is a little thick, so the chechen layer will be pretty small.  I figured I'd leave the rest of the shaping to you to get them how you want them.

John, have fun with the scouts . . . now I understand the handle - it doesn't have anything to do with the hair, huh?  I helped a kid last summer with his Archery Merit Badge . . . cool stuff.  The book they have to learn is pretty comprehensive (string and arrow making, etc.).  I was pretty impressed.


On the shore...Tuckahoe is having a 3D shoot this Saturday.

Just a side note for Balding Eagle....the TBM shoot at Tuckahoe is on the 22nd  :bigsmyl:    :bigsmyl:    :bigsmyl:    :wavey:


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