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Anyone want some bamboo flooring

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I am going to order some bamboo flooring very soon and thought that maybe some TBMers may like to go in on it.  A carton of 12 pieces is $70 plus an outrageous $40 for shipping because the pieces are 72".  Each piece will yield 8 72" laminations - compared to the price of actionboo lams at some of the bowyer supply businesses, you would get your value back with just one piece.

At any rate, I think I am going to order it either way, but if anyone wants in, just let me know.


Ted, I might be interested. I'm out of town for business until Friday but I plan on shooting at Pipe Creek this weekend. If you're gonna be there I'd like to talk to you about it. I should be ready to build some longbows by this summer.

I might just shoot my TD curve this weekend.


Bring some to the BBT and sell it at the swap meet. (Not too much though - we wouldn't want to make the vendors upset.)


I am doubtful for the Pipe Creek shoot this weekend.  The Izaak Walton League's season kickoff shoot is this weekend.  I should probably head out there.  Not completely decided yet though.  That said, I may end up at Pipe Creek - it was a lot of fun.  

At any rate, I'll go ahead and order the flooring.  I'll be seeing you at the shoots and if you decide you want some, let me know and I'll bring some.


Good idea.  I'm probably not going to sell it though.  I'm not looking to get rid of it - I'll use it.  I just wanted to see if anybody else wanted to get in on the order.

I'll probably make the order towards the end of this week, so if anyone wants in, just let me know.


Ted, I see there is a Isaak Walton shoot on the 9th and 22nd of this month as well and I'll try to make them. This weekend though I'll be at Pipe Creek. I definately would like to try to make some lams out of that flooring boo so count me in for a least a couple of pieces.

By the way, you inspired me last week to get some woodies back out. I decided to make up a 1/2 dozen for this weekend. Hope to see you Sunday, if not, maybe on the 9th?



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