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Let get this board going, MD'ers

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O.K. folks let's get this board rolling.  Surely we have some stuff to discuss.

Any one have any further thoughts about that pheasant hunt Larry proposed?

How about getting together for some bowbuilding?

Possibly doing some 3-d shooting this weekend?

What about pursuing a traditional only season in MD starting August 1 and running through March?

Anyone going to the UBP convention to see Fred Eichler this weekend?

How do you think SnakeEater got his name?

I met Balding Eagle this weekend and was surprised to see a full head of hair. Any thoughts?

Should 6'5" SuperKodiak be banned from raffles involving wingspan advantages (I'm still bitter about that cat quiver he took home)?

. . . . there are lots of topics we should be discussing.  Let's jump up the activity here.


Maybe SuperKodiak should be limited to 1 arm , finger tip to center of chest on all ticket raffles. That would still be equal to most peoples spread of both arms. Please feel free to remiond me of this at the next Banquet.


I got a good one. Who's gonna make it to the TBM. spring shoot/meeting. Thats where the real important stuff happens. Little bit "O" fun to! April 22nd.2006. We're work'n on setting up a wand shoot and a member drawing for members in attendance.

I'm out.  I have a bachelor party to go to that weekend.  The last of the ol' college crew is getting hitched this summer and we are gonna send him off that weekend.  


I will work on some ideas to shorten SuperK's reach, draft a proposal, and submit them to the board for approval.




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