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Pooleville MD 3-D schedule


Hello fellow Marylanders,

I dig this new Maryland board.

At any rate, I figured this would be a good place to post the Izaak Walton League (BCC chapter) 3-d schedule for 2006.  It's a fun place to shoot with a lot of trad guys.  I also posted this in the shooter's forum in the 'events' thread at the top of the page - please go there for more details - or just get in touch with me.

The course is great, a lot of you have probably been there before.  This is where the MATC was the past few years.  C'mon out - and make sure you tell me when you get there - I don't want to miss the chance to hang out with some fellow Trad Gangers.


Here's the schedule:

2006 3-D Archery Schedule

2-Apr Sunday 9AM - 2PM
9-Apr Sunday 9AM - 2PM
22-Apr Saturday 9AM - 2PM

7-May Sunday 9AM - 2PM
20-May Saturday 9AM - 2PM
27-May Saturday 11AM - 4PM
28-May Sunday 11AM - 4PM

4-Jun Sunday 9AM - 2PM
17-Jun Saturday 9AM - 2PM

9-Jul Sunday 9AM - 2PM
22-Jul Saturday 9AM - 2PM
5-Aug Saturday 9-2
13-Aug Sunday 9-2
26-Aug Saturday 9-2

9-Sep Saturday 9-3
10-Sep Sunday 9-3

I made two trips to Poolesville last year, almost a 2 hour drive, its a great course. The members are very friendly and Ted let me shoot his Flu-Flu's at ariels as my five year old laughed at us. This year he will have his own Flu-Flus so he can get in on the fun and I will have a batch ready to go for me.


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